How Should Ducted Air Conditioning Repair Services Be Scheduled In Brisbane?

There are many benefits to properly maintaining your HVAC system, short term and long term.  Energy bills will be lower, and the longevity of your equipment will be greatly extended.  Here is some information to help you establish a ducted air conditioning repairing service schedule in Brisbane. There are quarterly, seasonal and yearly HVAC maintenance tasks lists that form part of preventative maintenance.  Here they are:

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

From those annual lists it is necessary to break them down further into daily, weekly and monthly tasks:

  • Daily and Weekly Tasks:  These lists include monitoring the system which presumably has an automatic management system.  The maintenance tickets may require an HVAC technician or the general maintenance staff may be able to attend to it.
  • Monthly Maintenance Tasks: This list includes light maintenance tasks, such as changing air filters, checking registers, checking for excessive dust or debris in air intakes (a sign that air filters are clogged or the ducts need cleaning).  Additionally, thermostats should be checked for the proper day, night and weekend temperatures as the average outdoor temperature changes month to month.
  • Quarterly and Seasonal Tasks: This can be done at the three-month mark or at six months.  These tasks focus on health and safety, operation and energy efficiency.  This is the time for a professional HVAC inspection and will include inspections that will prevent mould, bacteria and, importantly, corrosion.
  • Yearly Tasks: These tasks will cover internal and external component inspections, cleaning it inside and outside, cleaning ducts and doing a year-on-year energy consumption comparison.  Should the unit be aging, a replacement plan should be drawn up and be monitored.

Example Maintenance Checklists:

Daily and Weekly Maintenance Tasks – These are performed as needed, however, when odd noises or smells are emitted investigations should occur immediately.

  • Complete HVAC maintenance tickets
  • Check HVAC management system reports and investigate warnings or notifications as well as requests from building users.

Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tasks – These keep the unit operating safely and efficiently.  This ensures good indoor air quality and comfort for all users of the building.

  • A full inspection and possible changing of air filters
  • A full inspection of air intakes and registers for dirt and dust
  • A full inspection of thermostats for proper settings

Quarterly and Seasonal Maintenance Tasks – These checks are designed to ensure comfort, air quality, safety and health.  Commercial systems will need to be serviced between 4-12X/year depending on compliance regulations.

  • Air filters must be changed especially if not changed in previous monthly inspections.
  • Treatments of Anti-bacterial and Anti-Corrosion should be applied to chillers or water towers.
  • Full inspection of electrical work
  • Full cleansing of the outside unit
  • Inspection of UV Lamp functionality
  • Inspect Air Handler P-Trap
  • Full inspection of thermostats and adjust seasonally
  • Full inspection of the drain tube and pan
  • Full inspection of all piping
  • Checking the functionality of dampeners

Yearly HVAC Maintenance Tasks – This inspection is to prevent catastrophic failures.  Fans, motors and other moving parts must be fully inspected for signs of wear or corrosion. Chiller, water tower and drain pan cleaning prevents Legionnaire’s disease and other health issues.

  • Full inspection of coils (wear & corrosion)
  • Wear and tear inspection of fan motors and moving parts
  • Strip the screens of the cooling tower
  • Year on year energy consumption comparison
  • Professionally cleaning by specialists including bacterial and mould cleaning throughout
  • Specialist check of HVAC Control System for correct functionality
  • Fans belts inspection
  • Heating ignition and heat exchanger inspection
  • Check insulation integrity of ducts
  • Assess upgrade or replacement plan necessity

If you want help setting up or executing ducted air condition repairing service schedules in Brisbane call us today. You will get the best knowledge, service and quality from our professional team..

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