Simple Saving Suggestions For Aircon Related Costs

We all enjoy savings, so here are simple saving suggestions from your aircon technician in Brisbane to get the best out of your system! Save money now!

When winter crawls in, it can vary from extreme to mild depending on your altitude or the day.  In the cooler spots, the majority of offices, homes, café’s, etc set their aircon thermostat to the upper 20’s to get the cosy warm feeling happening.

That setting will definitely be pushing up energy costs.  A minor adjustment to that habit will quickly bring about savings. It will also create fewer issues for people with sensitive sinuses and lungs.

In general, we propose setting, for a standard air conditioner’s thermostat, to be in the region of 18 – 20 degrees as this will allow you to work towards maximum energy efficiency from your hard-working aircon system.

The Temperature-Cost Relationship

We all know that the harder your aircon is working, the more energy will be consumed, so if the temperature is set higher (or very low), the faster your wallet will empty.

Energy supply companies have estimated that for every one degree Celsius cooler you set your thermostat in summer, you should expect a 10% monetary impact on the aircon cost of your electricity bill.   You could argue that the reverse extrapolation of that formula would seem plausible, thus for every one degree Celsius warmer hotter, you set the thermostat in winter = 10% additional aircon costs to your electricity bill.

Additional practical steps would be to close windows, doors and curtains as these things will help to maintain the temperature in your space, making less work for your aircon system.  To get it right, start at a lower temperature setting and slowly increase it. You will find the right temperature with a bit of patience.

 The Condition Of The Aircon System

Having a clean aircon has a profound effect on its efficiency!  Has it professionally cleaned so that the coils do not have a build-up of contamination? The air quality will improve. You should have fewer surprises when you get your energy bill.

Contact us today for aircon repairs in Brisbane to come to clean your aircon and check the components’ health to ensure you are getting the best efficiency from your machine!

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