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Is a ducted air conditioning
system right for me?

What is A Ducted Air Conditioning System?


Aircon Services has created custom design premium Ducted Air Conditioning systems for many different homes and families. Where several ‘Split Systems’ are being considered, a quality Ducted System is often a profoundly better choice for the whole family.

Ducted Air Conditioning also has the unique advantage of almost all internal components being discreetly hidden within the ceiling cavity. It is hard to imagine a more ‘invisible’ and more desirable climate control system!

Advantages of Ducted
Air Conditioners:

  • Consistent cooling throughout the home – plus you can zone your home for more control
  • Low profile look – no ugly units sticking out from the wall
  • Peace & quiet – much quieter than split systems
  • Efficient & cost effective

We Understand All Aspects of
Air Conditioning Systems

Aircon Services specialises in providing unmatched air conditioning, service, repair and replacement solutions for Brisbane based property owners.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Perfect for commercial and residential settings, ducted aircons are more efficient, quieter and make your house look fantastic.


Multi Head Systems

Multi-split systems are ideal for air conditioning several rooms in a home, especially where a ducted system is not practical.


Split Systems

Individual ‘split systems’ are specifically designed to cool one particular room or area. If you’re looking for a single room solution, a split system is what you need.

As we are not aligned to only one manufacturer, or component supplier, we are well-positioned to tailor the absolute best products to suit your requirements.

At Aircon Services, our team shares a passion for excellence – with our combined air conditioning experience far exceeding half a century! It is what we describe as:

Designed with Intelligence, Applied with Pride

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