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Home automation has grown beyond the ability to turn things on/off, set a timer or an alarm. With most new appliances incorporating “smart” technology, automation is at our fingertips. Below you can find the most common systems and appliances that are able to be connected through home automation.
What you can link to a home automation system
Home Automation Touchscreen User Interface
Why Home Automation?

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to create schedules, customise individual areas and turn systems and lighting on/off remotely, you can create an energy efficient and eco-friendly household. With heating and cooling being one of the most expensive to run, automation can ensure you are only paying for what you need. These features also ensure maximum comfort.


Locks, doors and property can be monitored and controlled through an automated system. With the ability to link sensors, lighting and locks/intercoms to notifications, every member of your family can be protected through smart home security systems.


Once you have learned how to use your home automation system, you will enjoy the benefits of its convenience. After a while, you won’t even notice that your home is always the perfect temperature, or think much of the fact that you can adjust the lights without getting up off the couch. As more and more technology becomes available, you will feel confident adding new smart-home appliances and features to your household.

Centralised Control

To ensure a seamless synchronisation of your appliances and technology, it’s important to consider the way they will be controlled, and by whom. In addition to smartphone/tablet control, professionally wall mounted controls and switches are another option. Ideally, we aim for maximum functionality through a single interface.

While there are off-the-shelf and DIY options available, you risk incompatibility, poor user experience and lack of support when purchasing these products. Having to download individual apps for each “smart” product, dropping out from the Wi-Fi signal, and apps that desperately need an update that never seems to come are common grievances we hear from people that have gone the DIY route.

When working with our professional home automation experts, we will help determine the best product and features to serve your purpose. It’s important you have a means of controlling your system (which you understand), that can be updated or upgraded when you want to add on more integrations.

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