5 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Air Conditioning Unit In Brisbane

Today, many homes and commercial spaces in Brisbane are equipped with air conditioning systems. As much as having an efficiently working aircon system is vital for your home and workplace, being mindful about its upkeep is equally as important. 

Not only that, proper care and maintenance can positively impact the performance of your air-conditioners, but it can certainly help in increasing their longevity. Follow these simple tips in order to extend the life of your air conditioning units in Brisbane.

1. Stick To A Regular Maintenance Routine 

Like any other electrical appliance, your air conditioners also benefit from regular inspection by an experienced aircon technician. This may sound very mainstream, but it is actually the most essential way to prolong the life of your air conditioning systems. 

Before winter ends, hire a qualified aircon technician for a maintenance check and service in order to prepare your air conditioners for the upcoming workload during summer. 

2. Change The Filters

Unlike your home, the air conditioning units of commercial spaces are more likely to catch dust, bacteria, mould, and dirt. These particles settle onto the vents and filters of your aircon, hinder its efficiency, and can be hazardous to your health.

Changing the filters and cleaning the vents of your commercial air conditioning units regularly and as per compliance, should be a part of your aircon maintenance plan. The air will keep circulating, and you’ll not only experience optimal performance from your air conditioning units in Brisbane, but also stop viruses and bacteria from spreading. 

However, making it a point to clean the vents and replacing the filters of your residential air conditioners once every few months to a year is sufficient in ensuring they keep performing well all year round. 

3. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Under Shade

Keeping your outdoor unit under shade can do wonders for your air conditioning system. If arranging an artificial shade is not a possibility, you can simply install your outdoor unit near trees to create a natural shade. Just make sure they are at least 30cm away from your outdoor unit. Not only will you notice a remarkable reduction in your energy bills, but this tip will also help in increasing the life of your air conditioning system. 

4. Give It Some Rest

Like humans, machines also need some rest. With continuous usage, there are more chances that your air conditioning units will wear out earlier than expected. This is because of the heat that air conditioners produce while operating. 

Switching them off and giving your air conditioners some rest brings a significant effect on their performance and working life. And it’s pretty easy to do this with your commercial units by switching them off during  non-working hours. For residential units, you can always switch them off for a few hours during the evening time. 

5. Only Hire A Professional Aircon Technician

If you are suffering from an illness, self-medication will only worsen your condition. Similarly, always seek professional help for your air conditioning units when needed.

Attempting to fix your air conditioner without prior experience and knowledge will only add to the existing trouble. Hire our reliable Aircon experts to help you with the proper installation and maintenance of commercial and residential air conditioning in Brisbane.

The Bottom Line

The electrical appliances that we use in our daily lives are a source of bringing us ease and comfort. However, in order to obtain their maximum benefit, our conscious effort towards their maintenance is a prerequisite. Otherwise, they might fail us prematurely. These simple preventive measures will not only improve the performance of your air conditioning units, but will also ensure they last longer.

Aircon Services is a team of qualified air conditioning experts in Brisbane, providing workable solutions for all your residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

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