Why You Should Never Neglect the Service and Maintenance of Your Split System Air Conditioning

Since the use of split air conditioners has become a standard practice in most urban homes, many people are unaware of the health hazards of mouldy air conditioners. Additionally, service and maintenance negligence towards regular split system air conditioning service paves way for a number of troubles including high energy bills, poor air conditioning and severe damage to your Aircon which is beyond repair. 

The Best Time To Service Your Split System Air Conditioner

Modern-day split system air conditioners can work all year long. They keep you cool in summer, and warm in winters. Being mindful of your split system air conditioner’s maintenance helps in keeping repair expenses at bay. 

Remember, if you keep delaying the maintenance check, your air conditioner is likely to break down when you need it the most. 

Imagine what will happen if it stops working during a hot summer day, leaving you in a fix?

Summer is the time when most air conditioners fail, hence increasing the workload of service technicians. Therefore, make it a point to schedule your yearly split system air conditioning service such that your technician has ample time to service your air conditioner.

During spring, Australia’s weather goes through a transitional phase, which makes it the best time to get your split air conditioners serviced. Other than that, autumn is also a good time for split system air conditioning service since their usage is minimal and the technicians have enough time to adequately attend to your air conditioning units.


Checklist For Split System Air Conditioning Service And Maintenance

Hiring our professional Aircon technician will ensure your air conditioning system not only receives premium quality service, but he will also make sure to check your units for any prevailing damage you might be unaware of.

No need to worry if you have little knowledge about what should be included in the split air conditioner’s service. Here’s a basic checklist for your assistance:

  •         Thorough cleaning of the filters
  •         Flushing the drain to remove insects and other foreign objects
  •         Checking for gas levels
  •         Cleaning the fan coil of the indoor unit
  •         Cleaning the compressor coil of the outdoor unit
  •         Testing the thermostat

Once the technician is done with all the above steps, he will test the Aircon to check if it is operating optimally.


How Often Should You Get Your Split Air Conditioner Serviced?

You might be wondering how often you should go for a split system air conditioning service to maintain the air quality and efficiency of your Aircon units. The simple answer is at least once every 1-2 years, however commercial/business can have different requirements for compliance. In addition to improved performance, getting your split system air conditioner professionally serviced will also extend its life.

A qualified technician will thoroughly clean and service both your indoor and outdoor units in order to save you unexpected repair or replacement costs down the track. If you are on the lookout for a competent split system air conditioning service in Brisbane, choosing Aircon Services can be the best decision you can ever make.

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