The Future Of Air Conditioners With Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning For Business

Considering Australia’s extreme weather conditions, having an efficient air conditioning system is a necessity in all types of commercial properties. With multiple options in commercial air conditioning, you can easily get confused between choosing split or ducted air conditioning systems. These days, ducted air conditioning is gaining popularity in large commercial properties because of the numerous benefits it has to offer. While you must be well aware of how ductless or split air conditioners work, this piece will focus on ducted air conditioners and why they are a popular choice for business owners in Brisbane.

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioning is a popular residential and commercial air conditioning system that cools your entire property, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the building. It is also known as centralised air conditioning with the indoor unit mounted inside the roof and hence barely visible.  The indoor unit is connected to different parts of your property through a system of ducts.

While split air conditioners are limited to specific parts or rooms of your property, ducted air conditioners can regulate the temperature of the entire area with a single remote control. Additionally, there are plenty of other reasons that make it a convenient and energy-efficient cooling solution for homeowners and business owners alike.

Single Solution For Multi-Story Buildings

With split air conditioners, the cooling is only limited to specific areas of your property where the units are installed. You’ll also have to close the intended area for maximum cooling. Even though such a system is workable for small commercial properties, it can be quite inconvenient for most businesses.

Whereas, if you have a multi-story commercial property and you are looking for an effective cooling solution, there’s nothing better than installing a commercial ducted air conditioning system. Not only that you’ll be able to switch on the Aircon system with a single touch, but you’ll also enjoy a comfortable temperature all through your property without having to shut off areas to regulate the temperature.

No Limitations To Maintain A Uniform Temperature

While you can maintain a uniform temperature all across your commercial property with centralised commercial air conditioning, some systems allow you different temperature settings for different rooms at one time. This gives you peace and freedom to control the temperature in your entire property without having to install multiple Aircon systems.

You can choose to turn a zone off if it is vacant, and hence saving on your energy bills. Additionally, you can set the temperatures of different zones of your commercial property according to the preferences and temperature tolerance of your employees. After all, the more comfortable they feel, the more improved performance they will deliver.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Since ducted air conditioning systems are barely visible, you’ll no longer have to tolerate the large visible split units mounted on the walls of your commercial property. With commercial ducted air conditioning, you can design your commercial property however you please without having to worry about where to place the large wall-mounted split units. As a result, your commercial property will give a more professional vibe.

Energy-Efficient For Large Commercial Spaces

If you are a business owner concerned about controlling the expenses, you might think that installing commercial air conditioning is pricier than regular air conditioners. While your concern is valid to an extent, what you don’t realise is the long term benefits of having centralised air conditioning for your business.

The installation cost is higher for a ducted air conditioning system, but the energy it consumes is way less than what multiple splits installed in your commercial property will consume. If you were to compare the two, you would see lower costs relating to heating and cooling with a ducted system when reviewing your electricity bills.

Therefore, if you own a commercial property that requires more than one spit air conditioner, you can easily control your energy expenditure through a single commercial ducted air conditioning system. Ducted units not only cool large spaces effectively, but the liberty of switching off the vacant zones is a more environmentally friendly approach and hence getting popular among those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Noiseless Air Conditioning

If you are asked “what makes air conditioners a better choice than fans?”, you’d probably say the noiseless cooling that they provide. Ducted air conditioning systems are so noiseless that you can hardly notice any noise while you are busy handling your business matters.  Whereas, if you have a split unit installed, you’ll notice a constant sound it produces which diverts your attention. Therefore, if you are particular about peace and silence while you work, there’s no better choice for you than having ducted commercial air conditioning.

Confused About What To Choose?

If you are planning to install a ducted air conditioning system for your commercial property in Brisbane, Actron is the most reliable brand in commercial air conditioning recommended by our experts at Aircon Services. All of Actron’s commercial units come with a 2-year warranty so your only focus is on taking your business to new heights without having to worry about the performance of your air conditioning unit.

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