Ducted Air Conditioner Replacement in Brookfield Queensland

Project Duration: 03 days | Brookfield QLD

We all know that Brookfield can get exceptionally hot, and that is why our team performs so many ducted aircon installations in the area. Read about this case study in which we provide a ducted air conditioner replacement for our valued customer, Mike Jericevich. 

Mike Jericevich’s Faulty Air Conditioner

Mike’s old ducted air conditioning unit packed it in during the hottest part of summer. Mike didn’t hesitate to call Aircon Services, and we arrived promptly on the scene. Upon arrival, we had to diagnose the problem and evaluate whether it was worth repairing or replacing the system.

After evaluating the options of either repairing or replacing the old ducted system, Mike decided to replace his old Carrier system with a new Actron Que system as soon as possible.

Mike and his family wanted to be able to accurately control the temperature of each room or zone to suit the occupants’ individual comfort requirements. They also wanted to be able to full control the system via their smart devices.

Most of all, Mike wanted a system that he could rely on and didn’t want any surprises. 

The family love how easy to use their new system is
The new out door unit

Coming Up With An Innovative Solution

The Aircon Services team carefully analysed what parts could be kept and what needed to be replaced. 

We found that the ducting was fire-rated, clean and compliant, so we reused most of the original ductwork to keep the cost from escalating. The supply air grills were able to be reused.

We replaced both the indoor unit, outdoor unit, refrigerant pipework and the control system, as well as added temperature sensors to each room and a new touch screen where the old controller was.

The key to the incredible comfort control was to replace the old on/off zone dampers with variable air volume dampers. These dampers control the amount of airflow into a zone. They are linked to both the temperature sensors in each room, the variable speed fan, indoor fan and inverter compress, which reduces its speed as the dampers reach temperature.

To improve the energy efficiency even more, we added an additional return air grill and filter. This also reduced sound levels considerably.

What Obstacles Were Overcome?

The roof space was very small for the new system’s size, so we had to be very careful when designing the supply and return air plenums to ensure they fit without obstructing the airflow. 

We found a hidden duct that was just blowing air-conditioned air into the roof space and some kinked ducts that reduced the airflow to some areas. We reconfigured and removed the kinks to make the ducts flow correctly.

Almost ready for the new Actron que
Under sized return air grill

On completion of this job, what are the top three things that you are most proud of?

The boys at work
Piped up and ready to be wired up

Mike had the following to say about his experience with us: