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Providing unmatched air conditioning service, repair, and replacement solutions for Brisbane based property owners.

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We pride ourselves in offering intelligently designed air conditioning solutions that are installed professionally and followed up with remarkable after-sales service.

Importantly, we are not bound to any one manufacturer, or component supplier. Consider us ‘Aircon Brokers’ that tailor the very best products to suit your specific requirements.

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Our Expertise & Services

Quality Products – Professional Service – Competitive Prices

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Highly qualified Air Conditioning technicians & installers

Aircon Home Automation

Home automation

We design high quality home automation systems

Aircon Service Maintenance

Service Maintenance

We offer custom, affordable and smart maintenance solutions

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

We have highly Qualified Technicians for Air Conditioning

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Electrical Services

We Have a Team of Expert Electricians Ready to Assist.

Aircon Home Automation

Home automation

We Design Highest Quality Home Automation Systems

Aircon Service Maintenance

Service Maintenance

We offer custom, affordable and smart maintenance solutions

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Our Story

Aircon services was established by Warren Cardiff in 2017.Warren entered the workforce in 1986 as an apprentice refrigeration mechanic for his father’s company, Cardiff’s Refrigeration in the Lockyer Valley. 

Warren worked up through the ranks as an apprentice, installer, service technician, project manager and then estimator, the work consisted of the repair, design, manufacture and installation residential, commercial, industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

He moved on from the family business to gain experience in supermarket refrigeration and larger air conditioning systems. He then then took on a sales and design position for Topbrite, a leading duct and air diffusion company at the time.

As a team we are dedicated to conducting our business in a moral and ethically responsible way.

Warren has fulfilled various roles within the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry for over 30 Years

Why We do what we do

We’re all about leaving our clients happier and more comfortable. We rest easy, knowing that we have made their lives better and healthier, while saving them money through better energy efficiency. And, of course, appreciating that their system will work when they need it the most is what keeps us striving to be the best that we can be.

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Aircon Services

Helping home and office owners achieve high levels of comfort and convenience by providing high quality yet competitive Air Conditioning, Electrical and Home Automation Repair, Replacement and Service solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Brisbane Area.
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Why our clients use us

Whether you need a new system, urgent repair or regular maintenance, our aim is to help you get the best solution for your particular requirements. 

Focusing on making our clients and end users feel a happier, more comfortable and healthier in the best possible way is what we do remarkably well. 

Our clients can rest easy that they are given the best independent guidance on getting most from their systems, this enables them make the best choices, for their particular situation.

Our clients know that they are saving money through energy efficiency and that their system is not deteriorating quickly. They can have confidence that they will be comfortable when they need to be. Our team consists of ‘only’ well-mannered, considerate specialists that are respectful to your property, your business and your people.

We'll help you find the right system for your home, lifestyle and budget.

We know it can be confusing and even costly trying to find the perfect system for your home. That’s why we offer….

We are dedicated to providing Brisbane’s best equipment and installations especially selected to suit your specific requirements. Our installations are picture perfect, as we are driven to install our equipment in the neatest possible way. Our outstanding after sales support is what really keeps people dealing with us time and time again.

We provide industry leading installation warranties and after sales support, designed to keep your system reliable, clean and healthy for many years.

Contact us today to speak with a senior comfort advisor. 

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Got any questions?

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive.

Plants should generally be kept from direct exposure to warm or cold air being blown from both the indoor and the outdoor unit. 

Try to place plants out of direct drafts from both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. It’s important that the outdoor should never have plants or any other material obstructing airflow. 

At least 1m of space in front and 100mm behind the outdoor is required for trouble free operation. It is also a good idea to ensure that leaves and vegetation do not clog up the heat exchanger.


The unit should be placed on a firm level base. A qualified installer should be consulted to determine the need for securing bolts on a case by case basis. 

It is always a good idea to strap the unit to a wall or the roof if it is not fastened down at the feet to minimize the risk of the unit tipping over.


Manufacturers have detailed information on how to locate their specific equipment, which is generally included in the installation manuals, however here is some information if no other information is available.

At the front (fan side) of the unit, no less than a distance of 1m is recommended for a small split AC and 2m for a large package AC. More would be preferable, at the back (non-fan side) of unit, no less than 100mm is for split AC and 200mrn for large package AC. 

Note that all outdoor units not only need a minimum distance around them, but also must be located so that the discharge air they blow out can escape away from the unit. 

New air can be taken through the unit. Careful consideration regarding location is required by an experienced installer.


The correct size unit for a room is not only decided by room area, but also many other factors. Qualified assistance should always be sought when purchasing a unit for a specific room size.


Yes, if your air conditioner is correctly sized and you know what your design zone is (the amount of area that your system was designed to cool or heat at a determined temperature), you can turn on that quantity of zones if it is cooler than the design temperature you can run more zones. 

Alternatively, if you want to cool or heat up an area faster, you can isolate zone(s).


No, ice on the outdoor unit is not a problem. The unit has controls that allow it to monitor the ice buildup on the outdoor unit and will occasionally go into a de-ice mode to clear the ice. The full de-icing mode can last up to 30 minutes.

If the desired temperature been reached in the room space then the indoor unit will slow the fan but continue to circulate amount of air so to measure room air temperature. 

This air is actually at room temperature but may feel ‘cooler’ because the indoor unit has stopped heating the air until the room temperature falls again.


When the indoor fan is set to auto and when the air conditioner is set to heating mode, the indoor fan can turn on and off automatically in order to provide the temperature conditions set by the user, and also to protect the unit from icing up and other potentially damaging conditions.


Still have questions?