Which Aircon Suits My Huge Open-Plan Kitchen-Living Space?

Whether you have bought, built or renovated, an open-plan kitchen-living space makes that particular floor plan arrangement the heart of your home.

You will entertain family and friends with a chat, a cocktail or sneak a kip all by yourself.

With this multi-use, potentially multi-temperature space, there are a few important factors to consider when sourcing an aircon system from your air conditioning installers in Brisbane.


Simply put, decibels are the measurement of noise.  You don’t want your aircon whirring like a helicopter taking off, disrupting your conversations or your ability to sleep. Noise levels should be found listed in the product specifications online or in the brochure at the air conditioning installer’s showroom.

There is a number that indicates the noise that the unit will make in your open-plan living area (inside).  There is another number that refers to the noise generated by the unit mounted on your building’s exterior.

There is typically a level of 35 dB published for contemporary units but you can get as low as 22 dB (5.0 kW model). What does that mean in reality? That is 2 dB more than a whisper.

If you have a tetchy neighbour, it is best to check out the decibels for the exterior unit.  In the dead of night, even a reasonable day time noise can become tortuous to a light sleeper.

You should also ensure that the air conditioning installers do a soundproofing/vibration sensitive installation of the brackets.  Even if a tiny vibration builds up between the unit, brackets and wall then can resonate as a droning noise throughout the house.

Aircon Options

There are many options to choose from, which is a whole blog in itself, however, if we focus on an aircon unit for your living room we would propose a single split system.  By far the most popular option is wall mounted – the best position is high on the wall and is simple to install.

There are, however, floor standing and ceiling concealed units available if your walls are glass.

If your large, open-plan living room is also close to your kitchen you do need to calculate in the heat from the kitchen.  In this regard, it’s better to choose a slightly bigger capacity unit but focus on the ‘slightly’.  For example, if 6kW is the option that is calculated to be necessary then choose a cooling capacity of between 6 and 6.5kW.

Of course, ducted systems are always an option. You will be able to control the temperature of your open-plan space independently to the rest of the rooms in the house. During planning, our design zone experts will ensure that you get adequate heating and cooling despite the heat from the kitchen.


A qualified and experienced installer can assess your space and explain the different options. They will be able to answer your questions and address things you might not even have considered!  When they view the space and discuss the behaviour that occurs in that space, it will help come up with a great solution.

Get help today from our qualified professionals who are passionate about aircon.  With our air conditioning installations, you will get the right solution, at the right price with a beautiful installation.

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