What To Consider When Selecting Your Commercial Air Conditioning System In Brisbane

Your commercial space needs to be safe and pleasant to be in for both your clients and your employees. In order to achieve this, you will need to look into installing the appropriate ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. At Aircon Services, we provide you with the utmost in service and product delivery for commercial air conditioning in Brisbane. In order to install your system, you will need to decide which of the available options is most suited to your requirements.

Get An Overview Of Your Status Quo

Before you can make an accurate evaluation of which air conditioning system is best for your commercial needs, you need to first determine and understand what your specific needs are. Look at the particulars of your space including the total amount of rooms or zones you will need to cool, the individual and combined size and volume of each zone, and how your building layout affects airflow and unit accessibility or installation variables. Account for the number of staff and clients that regularly occupy your space and how often there is movement between these spaces. Are there structural considerations to allow for? These are all points that could determine that one air conditioning system is better suited for your needs than another.

Make An Assessment

Naturally, one of the most common driving factors when making this decision is based on cost and budget. The thing to remember is that it is not just the installation or a once-off fee that you need to consider. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of any system with the maintenance needs keenly identified since the costs for service and repair throughout the lifespan of your system will affect your commercial operations in terms of annual and repeated cost.

Additionally, the actual lifespan of the unit may also be an important factor since you will need to replace the unit at the end of its run and planning for that is important. There are also several options available in terms of added value, from piping upgrade to extended warranties that could save you money in the long run.

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