What is involved in an air conditioning maintenance service?

Air conditioning is a wonderful addition to any property. To maximise its efficiency it needs to be cared for with the correct maintenance schedule. All the components such as filters, heat exchangers require regular work and upkeep for the unit to perform at it’s best. Without the correct functions at play, the effectiveness and efficiency will fall and your unit won’t work as expected. Neglecting necessary issues or regular check ups almost guarantees you experience a slow decline in air conditioning performance for your office or home. As an integral part of the building that needs to work correctly, there are a number of parts that play an important role in the smooth sailing of your unit. Read more below to see why you need the professionals on hand.


This is arguably the most integral task to complete for the effectiveness of the unit. By routinely cleaning or replacing the filters you can ensure that there is nothing stopping the flow or forcing any materials through the system. With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil’s heat exchanging capacity. This will cause further damage and malfunction within the system. Your aircon technician will replace the filters with every maintenance service.

Heat Exchanger Coils

The unit’s evaporator and outdoor heat exchangers build up dust and mould over time. This reduces airflow and insulates the coil. Without the ability to absorb heat, it cannot serve its purpose and the system will become inefficient. By regularly cleaning and replacing the filter, it will reduce the speed at which the heater exchanger becomes dirty. Within months of use, however, the evaporator coil can still collect dirt, abd become dirty from buildup of dust, mould and bacteria. To avoid this problem, have your heat exchanger coils checked and cleaned at least every year.

Coil Fins

The aluminium fins that are fixed to the evaporator and condenser coils are easy to bend if caught by other elements. A blockage will cause loss of airflow through the coil and a drop in performance, if not stopping altogether. Wholesalers and service providers sell a tool that will comb these fins back into nearly original condition so that the system can operate correctly.

When you need air conditioning maintenance services for your home or office it is best to contact the reliable professionals in your area. With a trusted local company behind you, you can rest easy knowing the environmental control elements of your building are working as they should be. Contact us today for a quick quote for servicing your home or office air conditioning.

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