Things To Think About When Considering An Air Conditioning Installation In Brisbane

It’s time to think cool: having an air conditioning unit installed can provide you with a significant increase in life quality and comfort, but it may seem daunting at first if you are not sure where to start. Our Aircon Services team is at your service for all your air conditioning installation needs in Brisbane and look forward to assisting you with your selection.

Comparing And Understanding Different Air Conditioning Types

There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the different types of air-conditioning units and cooling systems on the market that many consumers aren’t even aware of simply because they have never had to look into it or because it isn’t common knowledge that there is such a variety. There are some basic model differences which are easy to identify.

First, there is the choice of a wall or window-mounted air conditioner. There is also a choice between an inverter or non-inverter system, which is simply just the difference between a unit that runs on a variable speed compressor or a unit which operates at full capacity whenever the compressor is switched on respectively. You will have the option of various systems too including central, room, ductless mini-split, or evaporative cooling systems. Each has their own life spans, costs, efficacy, benefits and drawbacks. Speak to your friendly aircon professional to go over your options and their recommendations.

Consider Room Conditions, Size And Cost

The actual space you want to cool dictates a large portion of your decision. Things like volumetrics and size matter most, as do factors such as sunlight, what the room’s function and overall use will be (movement in and out of it as an example), and periods of the day it will be in use for (all day versus only short bursts in the morning for instance). The next thing to look at is how much you want to spend on your unit and balancing the efficacy of the system with maintenance requirements and available budget for the installation.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to assist you with all your air conditioning queries. To find out more about air conditioning installation in Brisbane or to book our services, feel free to contact us on 0488181300, e-mail us at, or simply fill out our convenient enquiry form here and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours.

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