Ducted Aircon Installation in Forest Lake QLD

Project Duration: 20 days | Forest Lake Qld

Your home is your castle, so it’s said. As one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, you want to get the best for your home and family. 

As current world events have taken us for a ride this past year, people have turned their attention to keeping their health in check, spending wisely, and taking advantage of this time to upkeep their homes. Check out this testimony of one of our valued customers:

The Chase Family:

When tasked with providing solutions for our clients, we believe in listening to their pain-points. We want to address their needs with quality and efficiency. When the Chase family came in looking to control the temperature in different rooms of their home accurately, we knew just the solution. 

During our consultation, Mark Chase mentioned that their son was studying. Due to his room being west facing, they needed a system that would make him comfortable while cooling their large home. The client also wanted an aircon system that ventilated their home with the absence of noise, to minimise the inconvenience for his family and their neighbours. Part of their specifications was to take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi technology where they could access all the on/off, temperature and zone control options from anywhere.

The Life Of The Chase Family

Mark and his family have lived in their Forest Lake Home for over 18 years without any air conditioning units. With the money they put away for their 2020 cruise that had been cancelled, they decided to invest in their comfort. With the family’s requirements in mind, we recommended an Actron Que Ducted aircon system with eight temperature sensors that modulated the airflow to provide accurate temperature control for each section. 

The Actron Que is a practical and energy-efficient system that automatically reduces the indoor fan and compressor speed to only air condition the activated areas. Additionally, it delivers the exact amount of cooling or heating to each site as required.

Because their large pool room and dining area are exposed to a lot of afternoon sun, we split the space into two separate temperature managed zones. The zone closest to the large glass windows to the west allowed the air diffusers to open more for an extra cooling requirement in the afternoon, while the second zone away from the glass allowed for the required amount of air to maintain the desired temperature without over cooling, which is usually the case.

What Obstacles Did You Overcome?

The Chase family were concerned about the risk of condensate water flooding their roof, as they had a previous issue from their gutters overflowing back into their roof cavity! We had seen ceilings damaged by poorly designed drainage systems before, so we ensured that our drain lines would be routed to get the most amount of fall possible. Additionally, these are well-supported with the correct brackets to ensure that there is no sagging. They are insulated throughout the roof cavity to ensure that there is no condensation dripping inside their roof. There was also a secondary drain that ran out to a visible point and the main drain even became blocked. The ceiling would be protected, and you would visibly see an issue from the water dripping at the safety overflow point outside. 

The home had previously been insulated with cellulose fibre insulation. Due to this, we had to ensure that when we cut the holes in the ceiling for the diffusers we didn’t lose the insulation through the hole. This would not only make a mess, (although we always use drop sheets and have a big vacuum cleaner on hand) but it would also reduce the quality of insulation protecting the home from the extremes outside. We made sure that all the insulation was scraped away before marking and cutting the holes. When completed, the cellulose fibre was replaced around each penetration to ensure the insulation value was maintained.

If You Could Start This Project From The Beginning, What Would You Have Done Differently?

Mark: “I was pretty happy with every attribute and outcome. However, I could have possibly given the option of a higher grade of filtration that has just become more affordable.” 

Aircon Install Forest Lake
Aircon Install Forest Lake

On Completion Of This Job, What Are You the Most Proud Of?

As always, our goal is to have extremely happy customers who are grateful because they went with us. We are confident that we delivered once again. We delivered the job within the allotted time allowance and with zero additional costs. The quality of workmanship was outstanding. 

At Aircon Services, we pride ourselves in quality work and A-grade products. We strive to always to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver the best solutions. If you are looking at installing ducted aircon into your property in or around Forest Lake, get in touch with us today!