Commercial Ducted Aircon Installation For Cornerstone Press

Project Duration: 1 Month | Northgate QLD

Replacing An 18 Year Old Commercial Ducted Aircon System At A Printing Press In Northgate, Queensland

In most commercial spaces like factories and manufacturing plants, replacing electrical equipment without bringing their production to a halt is the main concern. These places cannot just afford to shut down until the replacement work is completed but instead, professionals have to figure out ways where they can carry out installations without hindering the operations.

That’s exactly what we did for Cornerstone Press, a printing firm in Queensland. We carried out the installation of the Actron air conditioning system for their factory after replacing their 18 years old Temperzone ducted systems.

Our main focus was to ensure their staff’s security at all times since the entire process had to be carried out while keeping the machinery operational. Luckily, our proficient team of 4 technicians managed to complete the entire work within the given time while the factory’s machinery remained functional all through the work.

Project Summary

Cornerstone Press had commercial ducted air conditioning systems in their printing factory for about 18 years. They hired our services for the replacement of these ducted air conditioners with an entirely new Actron air conditioning system, since their old system was giving them a hard time with frequent repair and maintenance work.

Additionally, their old air-conditioning system was no longer energy-efficient and replacing it with a new one was the only workable solution. The safety of their staff was their major concern since they wanted us to carry out the commercial Aircon replacement without hindering their printing work.

How Did We Manage The Entire Project?

Our team of qualified tradesmen invested 1.5 weeks of extensive planning to make sure the entire Aircon replacement work is carried out smoothly. Our team of four Aircon installation specialists worked tirelessly for 4 weeks while making sure the factory’s production work remained unaffected during the installation process.

Since the project was of a complex nature, as we had to work simultaneously with the factory’s routine operations; we made sure to arrange scaffolds and cranes that were designed to work in such challenging situations.

In order to ensure minimal effect on the printing work and for the safety of the factory’s staff, we divided the commercial Aircon replacement work into different stages and created exclusion zones to prohibit the staff from entering the place where the work was in progress. This way, not only did we manage to work with the least distraction, but the staff also remained away, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

As ducted air conditioning requires the indoor units to be placed inside the roof cavity, which means we had to arrange man lifts and other means of elevation to reach the ceiling safely along with the required equipment.

Before carrying out the installation of the new Actron air conditioning system, the old air conditioning unit had to be removed from the ceiling without damaging the ceiling grid.

Removal of the old unit from the ceiling and installing a new system required us to work several meters above the ground. We had to be extra cautious at all times since many other people were working in the factory, and also to make sure we didn’t cause damage to any of the factory’s machinery.

Overcoming The Major Challenges when Replacing The Old Aircon System With A New One

While there were several obstacles that we successfully managed to overcome, this one specifically surpassed all the others.

The first stage of the project was to safely remove the old Aircon units placed inside the factory’s ceiling cavities before installing the new ones. One such fan coil unit was located right above the multi-million dollar worth of printing press. We had to be extra cautious while dismantling this fan coil unit in order to remove it from the ceiling because even a tiny screw or rubble falling into the operational press would have caused severe damage to the printing rollers.

Luckily, we were able to figure out a way to remove the unit piece by piece while keeping the machinery safe. We contacted a scaffolding company and got a custom-made scaffold with a plastic barrier that was meant to collect the rubble falling during the dismantling process. This way, the printing press was completely operational while we were removing the old Aircon unit from right above it.

Since the outdoor units were way too high for us to reach without a crane lift, the second most challenging task was to arrange an 80 tons crane along with an 18 tons counterweight for removing the old outdoor units and replacing them with new ones.

The actual challenge was to plan and carry out this entire task as soon as the sun arose since the crane, the counterweight truck and the two delivery trucks required the entire space meant for parking cars. Therefore, we had to vacate the car park before the arrival of the factory’s employees.

crane lifting aircon unit
The Crane Lift

What Would We Have Done Differently If Given A Chance To Start The Project All Over Again?

If we were given a chance to start the project all over again, we would have definitely added a few more members to our crew to get the Aircon replacement and installation work done more efficiently.

It would have been a lot more convenient this way, along with a little extra time to complete the entire project. However, we have no regrets since we managed to complete our job pretty smoothly and ensured a timely completion despite all the challenges.

crane in parking lot
The View From The Top!

The Top Three Things We Are Most Proud Of

When we look back, what makes us super proud is the smooth and timely completion of the project.

Managing to deal with challenges such as arranging the crane lift to reach the outdoor units as well as getting a customised scaffold for successfully removing the indoor unit were the most complex parts of the entire project. And yet, after dealing with them so efficiently with the least interruption in the factory’s routine operations; we surely deserve a pat on our back.

However, the satisfaction of our client with our high-quality commercial ducted Aircon installation combined with our superior workmanship is no less than that.