How Does Reverse Cycle Air Con Work?

Reverse cycle air con is what you call the process of removing heat and humidity from a confined space, which in turn lets cool air filter through. A very popular way to cool down a space within Australia, this is perfectly suited as a system for both commercial and residential property settings. This system is perfect for cooling or heating rooms or spaces to ensure the ideal temperatures are kept within the space.

How Does It Work?

How does this system work compared to the more traditional versions? Well it gets its name from the action and ability to remove heat from inside a room to the outdoors. It can also work to heat a space, working the reverse process to bring heat in from the outdoors. Reverse cycle air conditioning units are efficient and work to use less energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The systems use refrigerant to warm or cool the air inside the building and create the ideal climate controlled environment. The systems can also filter and remove humidity from the surrounding air, adding to its efficacy. Be aware that reverse cycle air conditioners won’t work in areas that are less than 5 degrees, which is pretty safe for most areas of Australia.


These air conditioner units remove the heat from the outside air on hot days and on cooler days work to transfer the heat to the inside. The process itself is still fairly straightforward, with a gas type refrigerant being passed through an external coil to absorb the heat from the outside area. The refrigerant is then pushed through a compression process into another fan coil system that is situated within the home itself. With this dynamic approach to cooling and heating you can be sure that no matter the surrounding weather, you can control your environment. With an effective method that saves you money and cuts down utility costs overall, this is an investment for your home or business space.

When you need professional service delivery it is integral to find a brand that you can rely on time and time again. When considering options for your space, speak to a professional technician to find out if reverse cycle aircon will be the best fit for your home or business. Contact us today to find out more about this dynamic offering.

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